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The most important thing when developing bilingual children is the “parent's determination”.

Learning, maintaining and improving other languages in Japan is not easy. That is why at Aloha international School, children developed in a 100% English environment.

Even, when kids play between each other there is a natural English communication.

It has been proved that early introduction of any language from the age of 2 until entering elementary school have many times more the absorption capacity than adults have.

To develop bilingual individuals, it is important to spend good amount of time in an English living environment, where it is possible to create “ears that are strong in English” through “seeing, listening and speaking”.



Aloha.I.S Student

Aloha International School has a unique curriculum. 
It is based on American culture that brings out children's “fun” to the fullest, nurtures their own challenge and exploration, and our goal is to nurture children who can become a unique, strong and confident individual.



Cultural exchange

Our school, which has a partnership with Hawaii, invites guests from Hawaii and actively engages into a cultural exchange. Around June, there is a graduation trip to Hawaii, where you can interact with local children and experience the Hawaiian culture to the fullest through various programs. Our students will be taught in an open environment to foster rich expressiveness as an international student. Where they can adapt easily as part of any local in any English-speaking country.

ハワイとの連携を持つ当スクールでは、さまざまなイベントなどを通し文化交流を積極的に行っていきます。6月にはハワイ卒業旅行があり、ロコの子供たちと触れ合い・お子様が実際に肌でハワイの文化を感じられるプログラムに参加します。親御さんは目の前でわが子の英語力を感じて頂ける事もAloha International Schoolの魅力の一つです。どの生徒も国際人として豊かな表現力を育めるよう徹底した環境下で指導を行っています。

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