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など、保護者の声にお応えして、大事なお子さまをお預かりするChild Care




*I want to go out. 

*I want to go shopping.

*I want someone to watch my child for a little while.

*I want to concentrate on my work at home during the morning.

With this in mind, we would like to support parents by offering Summer Child Care. 


Will immerse your child in an English environment  for four hours.

Children will experience first hand the fun and excitement of English. 

Free English lesson and lunch included.

Winter Child Care


-Dates 日時:

2023/12/26, 28

-Time 時間:


-Fee 参加費:

¥6,800 (Includes Lunch)

-Extended 延長保育:  




-Diaper Pack おむつパック:


There is no need to bring diapers, wipes, etc.  The diaper pack is an additional ¥600 and includes diapers, wipes and plastic bags for disposal. Also included in the fee are gloves and a disposal fee.


おむつ着用のお子様は別途600円のDiaper Packをお支払い頂きますので当日Diapers, Wipes, Plastics bagsの持ち込みは必要ありません。 Diaper Packには交換時のGlove及びおむつの破棄費用も含まれます。

Meals that are cut into smaller pieces are available for smaller children.   Please let the school know if you want this type of meal. 

Additionally, meals for those with allergies are available. Please notify the school of any food allergies. 



1. water bottle 

2. hand Towel 

3. spoon&Fork  

4. change clothes 

5. snack

6. bib (If need it)  

*Please write your child’s name on each item. 

1. 水筒 

2. ハンドタオル(紐付き)

3. スプーンフォークセット

4. 着替え

5. スナック

6. 食事用ビブ(必要な場合)



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